Our business

1. Supercritical water

The water has reached its critical point through high temperature and behaves differently from the ordinary water. It has the characteristics to uniformly disperse nano-sized particles as well as having a high osmotic pressure.

2. Oil stopper

Advanced oil leakage repairing tool that is adhesive to the oil surface. Contributes to operational efficiency and cost reduction for oil spill countermeasures.

3. Nano zinc oxide

With antibacterial and deodorant properties, it could be applied for various purposes such as disinfectants, industrial films, and paints.

4. Melting furnace

Emulsified high-temperature melting furnace is the world's first melting furnace using the emulsified combustion method. This epoch-making product is designed to process substances such as asbestos, bottom ash, heavy metals, radioactive substances, etc. The combustion would allow them to become solid slag, which solves the problems of waste accumulation, lack of final disposal site, and secondary pollution. In addition, the formed slag could also be used for roadbed materials, concrete, etc.

5. Aerial display

A special plate that creates a screen in the air. The light of an image or three-dimensional object is reflected inside the plate, displaying an image of the same size at equidistant positions on the opposite side of the plate.

6. Sales of special resins and technology licensing

We have a large number of specialists in a wide range of specialty resins, and we have a large number of sales and technical resources to meet any request.

7. lithium battery technology

We partner with some of the top engineers in the lithium battery industry to solve difficult technical problems.

8. Environmental protection and recycling

Sales of eco-friendly products and technologies for the better environment.

9. Antibacterial material

Development and sales of antibacterial products such as calcined calcium (natural antibacterial agent).

10. PCR test kit

Highly accurate examination using veins or finger blood. The result comes out in only about 15 minutes. The cost is also greatly reduced as the inspection kit does not require refrigeration.

11. Picasso 19th generation

Born in a traditional town known for Sake called Ozawa. The rich and refreshing flavor matches perfectly not only with Japanese food but also with French and Chinese cuisine.