Realizing client innovation

Since the Showa era, Japan has been developed mainly by the leads of major trading firms and large corporations. Although they successfully managed some level of foreign economic interaction for many Japanese companies, the global economy is shifting up its pace significantly to involve and move dozens of different markets at once. In the last two decades, emerging countries have improved their GDP dramatically and are now seeking further opportunities in more private interaction with developed countries, and Japan is one of the first countries to come up to their minds. Statistically, the demands from primary industries to tertiary industries have already increased massively by foreign high-tech cooperations in order to realize technical alliance and pursue international marketing. On the other hand, language difficulty, lack of information, and insufficient knowledge are causing many partnerships to end up unsuccessfully.

MS International Japan is a Japanese consulting firm that could and will resolve this situation.

We have human resources to expand your business to any countries including China, India, the United States, South Korea, Southeast Asian countries, etc, with supports not only in language and cultural difficulties but also in mechanical and technological issues. Additionally, we introduce both overseas and Japanese manufacturers to our clients in order to perfectly execute plans and progress projects smoothly.

MS International Japan aims to be the leader in this field with its best team for global companies.